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About Us

WomenINVEST is an initiative that seeks to encourage more ladies to invest and manage their own personal finances

We are appalled that women make up 51% of the world's population yet only hold one-third of the world's wealth.

Imagine what we could do if we held more wealth?  RBC Wealth Management found that women are more than twice likely as men to invest in companies that incorporate ESG factors into their business policies. We could do more good, help our community, lift up our families and support our own dreams.

We recognise the power that women can have when they attain financial independence, and we want to see more ladies creating that power for themselves. Therefore, we are building a community of like-minded ladies interested in investing and personal finance. We share information and opinions, and carry out discussions through community events and sharing sessions. We also carry out financial literacy workshops to get more ladies interested in personal finance and encourage them to join our community.

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Our Story

The idea for WomenINVEST was born in a brainstorming session by  2 sisters (us!) during COVID-19 lockdown.

We were both very keen on learning about investing, but we always felt intimidated and did not where to begin. We noticed that in many situations, the conversation was male-dominated, and we were not able to fit in easily.


After some research, we found out that we were not alone. The gender investing gap exists in many countries across the world. Especially because the traditional finance space is highly male-dominated, the notion that investing is a thing for men continues to exist even though it's untrue. 

Therefore, we decided that we wanted to do something about this by creating a safe space where fellow ladies can learn about investing without feeling intimidated or afraid. That's what we hope to achieve with WomenINVEST.

We know how you feel. Let's embark on our personal finance journeys, together.

With Love, Priscilla and Pearline

Meet The Team

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